Philip A. Bernstein

Systems & Databases: Let’s Break Down the Walls


After hanging out exclusively with the database community for 35+ years, I’ve recently become more involved with the systems research community. I have a few observations and recommendations to share.Much of the work published in systems conferences covers topics that would have a natural home in database conferences. For example, transactions and data streams are […]

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Arnab Nandi

Are Databases ready for Gestural Workloads?


In 2011, I was traveling on the Kolkata Metro when I made an interesting observation. Nearly every passenger around me was using a computing device of some sort. Some were playing with their smartphones, some with their tablets, some listening to music on their iPod Touches. Each was a consumer of structured data of some […]

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Kristina Lerman

The Curses of Heterogeneity in Big Data

Analytics, Big Data

“Both theoretical and empirical research may be unnecessarily complicated by failure to recognize the effects of heterogeneity” – Vaupel & Yashin Big Data is daily topic of conversation among data analysts, with much said and written about its promises and pitfalls. The issue of heterogeneity, however, has received scant attention. This is unfortunate, since failing […]

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Gio Wiederhold

Observation: CSers do not value themselves, nor the results of their work?

Intellectual Property

The title I chose is triggered by the lack of concern shown by computer scientists when public disclosures that companies like Apple, Google, HP own pay amazingly low taxes. These companies are derided in the press [look here for references]. The critiques provide little background, and often just repeat assertions that it’s all perfectly legal. […]

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K. Selcuk Candan

Hunting for the Value Gaps in Data Management, Services, and Analytics


Like all computer science and engineering departments, at Arizona State University (ASU), we regularly re-assess the impacts of our research and educational programs based on feedback from users of the technologies we develop and companies that hire our graduates. Last January, as part of the most recent of these efforts, we (in collaboration with IBM) […]

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