Magda Balazinska, Carlo Curino and Avrilia Floratou

The Diversity of Diversity & Inclusion


The importance of diversity and inclusion has been widely recognized by now and efforts toward this goal are commonplace in almost all settings. Diversity and inclusion, however, remains challenging, and even well-intentioned efforts do not always work.  In this blog post, we report on our experience with the ACM SOCC’19 conference that recently took place […]

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Imagine all the People and AI in the Future of Work

Crowdsourcing, Job Platforms

Shonan Village Workshop on FoW Sep 8-12, 2019 We envision the Future of Work (FoW) to be a place where humans are empowered with the ability to rely on AI machines in an on-demand fashion, with ability to juggle diverse job opportunities that provide intellectual self-actualization, and enhance their capabilities by continuous knowledge and skill […]

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Kurt Stockinger

The Rise of Natural Language Interfaces to Databases

data exploration, Databases, Search

The vision of natural language interfaces to databases (NLIDBs) is to make data stores more accessible for a wide range of non-tech savvy end users with the ultimate goal to talk to a database (almost) like to a human. While initially the database community focused on relational databases, there is currently a renaissance of building […]

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Yunyao Li and Shivakumar Vaithyanathan

Role of AI in Enterprise Applications

Analytics, Machine Learning

The recent return of AI summer and the enthusiastic uptake of AI in the commercial world can be loosely attributed to three innovations: Apple’s Siri, Google’s self-driving cars, and IBM Watson Jeopardy. This enthusiasm stems from the belief that AI will influence a wide range of applications across multiple industry segments. While such enthusiasm is, […]

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Amol Deshpande, Ashwin Machanavajjhala

Privacy Challenges in the Post-GDPR World: A Data Management Perspective


After being largely neglected in the rush to capitalize on the promise and the potential of Big Data, data privacy and data stewardship issues have resurfaced in industry with a vengeance over the last year. This has been driven, in part, by the increased scrutiny by regulatory bodies all over the world and subsequent legislations, […]

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