Azza Abouzied and Paolo Papotti

Courting ML: Witnessing the Marriage of Relational & Web Data Systems to Machine Learning

Big Data, Databases, Interview, Machine Learning

The web is an ever-evolving source of information, with data and knowledge derived from it powering a great range of modern applications. Accompanying the huge wealth of information, web data also introduces numerous challenges due to its size, diversity, volatility, inaccuracy, and contradictions. This year’s WebDB 2018 theme emphasizes the challenges and opportunities that arise […]

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Arijit Khan and Yinghui Wu

Graph Pattern Matching Queries – Approximation and User-Friendliness

Graph Queries

Graphs are a ubiquitous model to represent objects and their relations. Examples include communication and computer systems, the World Wide Web, online social networks, biological networks, transportation systems, epidemic networks, chemical networks, and hidden terrorist networks. All these systems can be modeled as graphs, in which individual components interact with a specific set of components, […]

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Surajit Chaudhuri

Approximate Query Processing – Where do we go from here?

Big Data, Query Processing

I think we need to take a hard look at approximate query processing. Don’t get me wrong. The vision of approximate query processing is indeed compelling. In the age of Big Data, the ability to answer analytic queries “approximately”, but at a fraction of the cost of executing the query in the traditional way, is […]

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Vijay Srinivas Agneeswaran

Google Spanner: Beginning of the End of the NoSQL World?

Big Data, Databases

Google has recently announced that its flagship wide-area database named Spanner has been made available on the Google Cloud. Google Spanner is the next generation globally-distributed database built inside Google and announced to the world through the paper published in OSDI 2012 [1]. This article explores the implication of Google Spanner, in particular to the […]

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Donald Kossmann

SIGMOD 2017 New Location


Dear SIGMOD/PODS Community: We are pleased to announce that the SIGMOD/PODS Conference 2017 will be held in Chicago in the week of May 14, 2017. We would like to thank all who helped us to find a new venue at such short notice. There were many suggestions, and many people helped investigate possible venues all […]

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