Alon Halevy

A Decade at Google


I recently celebrated my 10th anniversary at Google and decided to take the opportunity to share some of my reflections on the past decade. Prior to joining Google, I was on the faculty of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington, where I founded the database research group that is […]

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Michael Stonebraker

The Case for Polystores


A Federated DBMS is a middleware offering that runs on top of (perhaps several) local DBMSs and presents a seamless interface to disparate systems with (perhaps) independently constructed DBMS schemas. Systems in this category include R*, Ingres*, Garlic, IBM’s Information Integrator, and several others. These offerings should be contrasted to parallel DBMSs, which are single […]

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Stratos Idreos

Data systems that are easy to design*


We keep designing new data systems over and over again. We ask two questions in this post: 1) Is this sustainable in the long term? 2) Can we make this process faster? The need for new data system designs “Big data” may be mostly a marketing term as opposed to a research one but it […]

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Kostas Stefanidis, Eirini Ntoutsi, Haridimos Kondylakis

Information Hunting: The Many Faces of Recommendations for Data Exploration


With the growing complexity of the Web, users often find themselves overwhelmed by the mass of choices available. For example, shopping for DVDs or clothes online becomes more and more difficult, as the variety of offers increases rapidly and gets unmanageable. To facilitate users in their selection process, recommender systems provide suggestions of potential interest […]

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Julia Stoyanovich and Fabian Suchanek

The elephant in the room: getting value from Big Data

Big Data, Interview

Big Data, and its 4 Vs – volume, velocity, variety, and veracity – have been at the forefront of societal, scientific and engineering discourse. Arguably the most important 5th V, value, is not talked about as much. How can we make sure that our data is not just big, but also valuable? WebDB workshop, which […]

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