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Reynold Cheng

Data Science for Social Good: the STAR Mission

Data Science, Social Good

Data Science for Social Good, or DSSG, broadly refers to the use of data engineering and analysis solutions in the social work domain.  I am interested in this field, because it gives me a chance to understand how database technologies can be used in a domain whose data-driven approaches are only in its infancy. Moreover, […]

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Georgia Koutrika

ACM SIGMOD Blog is 10 years old


This year, ACM SIGMOD Blog celebrates its tenth anniversary. During this decade, it has hosted over 60 prominent researchers and professionals from the industry and academia, with an ACM Turing Award recipient, three ACM Fellows, four winners of the ACM SIGMOD Innovations Award, and two recipients of VLDB 10-Years Best Paper Award, among the many […]

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