Georgia Koutrika

ACM SIGMOD Blog is 10 years old


This year, ACM SIGMOD Blog celebrates its tenth anniversary. During this decade, it has hosted over 60 prominent researchers and professionals from the industry and academia, with an ACM Turing Award recipient, three ACM Fellows, four winners of the ACM SIGMOD Innovations Award, and two recipients of VLDB 10-Years Best Paper Award, among the many great.

The inaugural post was contributed by Jennifer Wisdom back in February 2012 (thank you Jennifer for being the first one) and was on the emerging topic of Online Education. Notably, the last post of 2012 presented a look at the past 50 years of databases (read it if you haven’t already). The blog has hosted posts on many great, different topics, ranging from publishing and intellectual property to big data analytics, ML for DB, crowdsourcing, and responsible data science. Looking over this collection of posts, let us appreciate the diversity of topics our community is working on and its achievements.

To celebrate this milestone, we are planning an “anniversary edition”: a series of posts, where each post is written by a prominent professional from a different part of the globe. The goal is to “travel” to every continent by the end of this year (well, save for Antarctica).

Our first bloggers are already lined up. Stay tuned.