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Sourav Bhowmick

The End of Manual Checking Era: It’s Time for Automating Conflicts of Interest Management in Peer-Reviewed Venues

Publication policy

Our professional societies (e.g., ACM, IEEE, VLDB Endowment) have worked hard to ensure that peer review processes in conferences and journals are fair and continue to fulfill their intended purposes. Our community has introduced refinements such as double blind reviews, automated matching of reviewers to topics and to individual papers, multiple submission deadlines, opportunities for […]

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Gerhard Weikum

Where’s the Data in the Big Data Wave?

Big Data, Databases, Publication policy

Big Data should be Interesting Data! There are various definitions of Big Data; most center around a number of V’s like volume, velocity, variety, veracity – in short: interesting data (interesting in at least one aspect). However, when you look into research papers on Big Data, in SIGMOD, VLDB, or ICDE, the data that you […]

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M. Tamer Özsu

Computer science publication culture: where to go from here?

Publication policy

Computer science publication culture and practices has become an active discussion topic. Moshe Vardi has written a number of editorials in Communications of ACM on the topic that can be found here and here, and these have generated considerable discussion. The conversation on this issue has been expanding and Jagadish has collected the writings on […]

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