Georgia Koutrika

ACM SIGMOD Blog is 10 years old


This year, ACM SIGMOD Blog celebrates its tenth anniversary. During this decade, it has hosted over 60 prominent researchers and professionals from the industry and academia, with an ACM Turing Award recipient, three ACM Fellows, four winners of the ACM SIGMOD Innovations Award, and two recipients of VLDB 10-Years Best Paper Award, among the many […]

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Arun Kumar

Automation of Data Prep, ML, and Data Science: New Cure or Snake Oil?

AutoML, Data Preparation, Machine Learning

For almost 30 years, the DB / data management community has intensively studied the vexing pains of data integration, cleaning, and transformation. This research has largely been in the contexts of RDBMSs, SQL-oriented business intelligence (BI), and knowledge base construction. But as the emerging interdisciplinary field of Data Science gains prominence, the massive pain of […]

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SIGMOD EC on diversity and inclusion


Dear SIGMOD members, We are committed to ensuring that all SIGMOD activities are carried out in an inclusive and diverse environment and we do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or any other form of misconduct as defined in the ACM code of conduct. We appreciate ACM’s confirmation of these commitments in response to the controversy surrounding […]

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Sourav Bhowmick

The End of Manual Checking Era: It’s Time for Automating Conflicts of Interest Management in Peer-Reviewed Venues

Publication policy

Our professional societies (e.g., ACM, IEEE, VLDB Endowment) have worked hard to ensure that peer review processes in conferences and journals are fair and continue to fulfill their intended purposes. Our community has introduced refinements such as double blind reviews, automated matching of reviewers to topics and to individual papers, multiple submission deadlines, opportunities for […]

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Abolfazl Asudeh

Enabling Responsible Data Science in Practice

Fairness, Responsible Data Science

Introduction The 3rd decade of the 3rd millennium had a dramatic start, with a pandemic that impacted our lives all over the globe. This indicates extraordinary events and rapid changes, ranging from politics and climate change to our social life and work habits. Like it or not, we are getting used to new routines such […]

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